The pros and cons of starting a lawn business


It is intoxicating to smell fresh-cut grass, but that is not the only reason you should start a lawn care business or consider yard maintenance as a home-based business.

This service industry offers a lot of opportunity. You can also customize your business to meet your needs and desires. Here are some pros and cons to starting your lawn care business.

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Pros to Starting a Lawn Business

Many people dream of starting their own business. Flexibility is one reason. If you’re interested in a lawn care business, it has a lot to offer. It can also be transformed into something bigger.

Stable and Repeat business: Lawn care accounts can be permanent, which means they are ongoing and consistent. Stable and repeat business: Your customers will need their lawns mowed at least once per week. This creates stability in your book.

Revenue-Generating Consumables These treatments are considered “consumables” which means they can be used again and again. This makes them a very attractive business option.

Scalable: Start with one service, mowing lawns, and then expand to include landscaping services, new sod installations, gardening, tree trimming and weeding. You can scale up as your customers demand changes with the many options you have.

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You can customize this business to suit your expertise and needs. You have the option to be sole proprietor and do it all or manage multiple lawn care teams remotely from your home. You have the option to pursue residential or commercial building contracts (the “B2C” route).

Entry-Level Workforce This is a cost-effective way to recruit and train employees. However, be aware that this workforce often has a higher turnover rate.

Franchises for Sale: There are many reputable and proven lawn care franchises that you can purchase. You can also consider buying an existing business that has a customer base and equipment.

Seasonal: Great for people who take summers off (i.e. Teachers, full-time students, or those whose careers revolve around winter climates.

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A Lawn Business’ Cons

Planning your business involves a few things:

  • Seasonal: If you don’t live in an area with mild winters, your customer accounts will go into hibernation around mid-October. You will need to diversify your product offerings if you want to have a year-round company. snow removal to keep your business running throughout the winter.
  • Starting costs: This will depend on the type and size of your lawn care business. You will need equipment as well as something to transport it. These expenses can be costly upfront, and sometimes, quite substantial.

You can find many lawn care companies in your local area by opening your phone book. If your market is saturated, you’ll need to compete on price. This will reduce your gross margins. Talk to lawn care professionals in your area about their experiences.

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  • There is an economic risk: Residents may feel the need to reduce non-essential expenses when times are tough. Many homeowners outsource lawn care.