Steel Business Solutions: Steel Frame Construction


Advantages and Disadvantages

Steel Business Solutions Steel Frame Construction has steadily increased its market share within the civil and construction engineering sectors. But is steel framing a more efficient construction method than the other options? This article will discuss the pros and cons associated with structural Steel Business Solutions Steel Frame Construction. It is intended to be a guide for designers and engineers who are exploring other construction options.

Understanding Steel Business Solutions Steel Frame Construction

Steel Frame Construction was originally used for simple, large structures such as garages and large agricultural buildings. It is now used for high-rise buildings as well as large, simple structures. Steel Frame Construction is still used in this way. However, it can also be used for many other types of development such as offices, factories and schools.

Steel frame construction is an excellent choice for many projects, including

  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Sustainability

Structural steel components are easy to fabricate off-site, and can be transported to the site whenever needed. This reduces the need for labour and helps to minimize the impact of any variables that could delay a project such as adverse weather.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to Steel Frame Construction as far as fabrication is concerned. These will be discussed below:

Steel Frame Construction: Advantages of Steel Business Solutions

Steel Business Solutions Steel time frames Constructions have the following advantages over brick, concrete, and wooden constructions:

1) Strength & Durability

Structural steel components can be lighter and more durable than weight-bearing timber or concrete products. A typical weight-bearing structural steel fabrication is 30 to 50% lighter than its wooden counterpart. Steel mainframe Construction is stronger and more durable that traditional wood-framed alternatives.

2) Easy Fabrication In Different Sizes

Steel studs come in many sizes and can be made to order. They can be customized to carry specific loads in different buildings.

3) Fire Resistance

Steel Business Solutions Steel framework Constructions resist fire. They reduce the risk of fire in buildings and prevent the spread of fire if one does occur. This property is enhanced by special flame retardant coatings.

4) Insect and Pest Resistant

Structural steel components are resistant to the degrading effect of burrowing mammals and insects – which can pose a problem for wooden frames if not properly treated.

5) Weather Resistance & Moisture

Depending on the carbon content, structural steel can exhibit good resistance to moisture. A hot zinc coating or extra powder treatments to increase rust resistance can make structural steel components more resistant to water damage. This is an important consideration when parts are exposed to the elements of the weather.

Steel Frame Construction The Advantages and Disadvantages

Steel Business Solutions Steel Frame Constructions have some disadvantages. The most frequently cited is:

1) Thermal Conductivity

Steel’s high heat conductivity means that it is not well-known for its warmth. Wall insulation can be cut by up to half when heat is lost through steel studs. This is bad news for energy retention. Steel Business Solutions Steel Frame Construction requires insulation to combat the steel’s thermal conductivity.

2) Site-specific restrictions reduced

Wooden structural components can be adjusted on-site, which is one of their benefits. You can cut the component to your desired size and hammer in nails to reinforce the joint. Steel is not able to do this. Because a steel fabrication arrives in its final form ready to be fitted into a building, it is essential that the measurements are accurately calculated. This is a huge advantage of steel. However, if a component is not correct, the project could be delayed while it is returned to the workshop for adjustments. This can be avoided by working with a company like GLW that takes a consultative approach to measuring and accuracy from the beginning. We will avoid any unexpected surprises on-site.

3) Supporting Structures

Steel Business Solutions Steel Frame Constructions are rarely self-sufficient. To put a building together, they usually need drywall, sheathing and insulation. Some construction companies feel that Steel Business Solutions Steel Frame Constructions takes longer to construct, but the time savings far outweigh the adjustments that must be made on the spot.

Steel Business Solutions Steel Frame Constructions For Your Project

Contact one of our engineers if you’re in the planning stage of a project and need help deciding if Steel Business Solutions Steel frame work Construction is right for you. We will be happy to walk you through the various fabrication options, and show you how structural steel fabrications can improve the strength of your building, lower construction costs, and reduce construction time.

Download our guide, How to Ensure Quality Compliance & Lead Times When Hiring Steel Fabrication Businesses, for a guide on working with subcontractors in structural steel fabrication. The e-book contains sections on legal compliance, metal finishing and selecting a partner for fabrication. It also includes common mistakes to avoid.