How to whitelist or blacklist email senders in AOL


Technology can seem to have its own mind. Technology is supposed to simplify your life, but its quirks can cause you to miss important emails or send them to spam. You may not realize it until hours, or even days later.

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This is simple enough to do. To ensure that certain emails go to your inbox, you can whitelist a sender or a whole domain. A whitelist is an approved list that has authorized access to your email inbox. Whitelisting allows you to add an email address to your Contacts to ensure that emails from this sender are recognised and delivered to your inbox.

AOL whitelists or blacklists email senders

To ensure that email is delivered to your AOL Inbox, you must add the sender’s email address or corporate domain to your address book.

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Click Contacts in the left navigation bar to whitelist a contact within AOL. Click the New Contact icon at the top and enter the required information. After you are done, click on the Add Contact button at bottom.

Click the drop-down menu in the upper right corner to blacklist the contact in AOL. Next, select Mail Settings. To add the contact to your blocked list, click Spam Settings in the left menu.

AOL Webmail Whitelisting Senders and Domains

If you use AOL webmail, replying to emails from senders you wish to whitelist will add them to your safe sender list. The email from this domain will be delivered directly to your inbox. Software will detect that the email is not spam.

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Bulk or mass email

AOL claims it will cooperate with organizations and individuals who send bulk email, but only if they are solicited. AOL’s whitelist will automatically recognize certain IP addresses. You can either opt out of receiving these emails, or notify AOL.

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To blacklist someone, go to Spam Controls. This is the same procedure as if you were to allow an email. Next, click “Block email From” and enter the sender’s name. Click “add” or “save.” You can also click “add” and “save” on older versions of AOL.