How to publish children’s books on Amazon Kindle


Parents are desperate to find quality material for their children in today’s fast-paced online world. Children’s book readers are loyal to the authors they love. You can publish high-quality children’s books on Amazon Kindle and build a following that will purchase multiple books.

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There are many ways to make money selling digital information products online. This article will focus on the Amazon Kindle market.

While there are many other platforms that allow children to publish their books, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing system (KDP), is the best. Without the need to work with a publishing agency or house, you can access the lucrative Kindle device market. Amazon Kindle makes it simple to convert your manuscript to e-books, and then sell them in the Amazon Kindle Store for millions of readers around the world.

Prepare Your Children’s Book For Amazon Kindle

To create illustrated children’s books, you will need to download Kindle Kids’ Book Creator software. You can choose between the Mac or PC version. Although you can write the manuscript in many editors, Microsoft Word is recommended for formatting your document for Kindle (.doc/.docx). KDP eliminates the need to use complicated conversion tools to make everything Kindle-ready. For more information on manuscript preparation, please refer to the article How to Write Children’s Book on Kindle for Profit and Fun.

Amazon is continually updating their tools and methods for uploading books to their platform. This reduces the technology barriers and lets you focus on creating great content. The Kindle Kids Book Creator software was created because publishing an illustrated book can prove more challenging than publishing a regular one. Publishing a children’s book via Amazon is a great option for budding authors.

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Amazon Kindle Publishing Your Children’s Book

After you’ve completed your final editing, and proofread your book for errors, log into Amazon KDP to access your publishing details. To get started, please open an Amazon account. It is free and easy to create an account.

You can login to the same account if you already have an Amazon account as a customer.

The system will prompt you to provide book-specific information such as author name and book title. Other details are not required. It’s fine to use a penname if you choose.

Amazon’s Grade and Age tools – which are only available on – will make it easier for readers to find your books quicker. The “Baby-to-Age 2” setting will make board books the most appropriate, while “Ages 3-5/Preschool”, picture books, and “Ages 6–8/Kindergarten-2nd Grade” would prefer leveled readers and early chapter books.

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Amazon Kindle Promote and Market Your Children’s Book

Amazon’s famous bookselling widgets are now available to you! You have access to powerful merchandising tools such as Kindle Countdown Deals or Free Book Promotions that you can use for your children’s books.

To gain access to key features that are not available to non-KDF books, you might want to consider enrolling your book in Amazon KDP Select. KDP is a way to make your book available on Amazon for a period of 90 days. You have the option to re-enroll in KDP after the 90-day period or opt out. You can enroll your book in Amazon KDP Select to:

1. Get higher royalties

When online readers choose your children’s book, you can earn shares in the KDP Select Global Fund. You can also borrow your book from the Kindle Lending Library or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited (paid subscription program in the U.S. as of writing).

Amazon’s KDP Select Global Fund, a monthly set of money that Amazon reserves to pay authors whose books are free with their subscription program, is the KDP Select Global Fund. Based on how many pages you have read and downloaded your book, the money will be divided equally.

2. The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library allows you to reach new readers

People who borrow your illustrated children’s book via the Kindle Library can make a difference! Your reputation will improve faster and readers will anticipate your next book even more.

3. Maximize your book’s sales potential

You have two options:

  • Kindle Countdown deals (time-limited, promotional discounts on your children’s books while still earning royalties
  • Amazon’s Free Book Promotion allows readers around the globe to access books for a limited period. In case you’re wondering, “free” does work!
  • You may be asking, “Why would you give my book away for free?” “.
  • You might consider a free promotion for one of two reasons.
  • You will receive a lot of downloads for your free book, which could lead to more reviews. After the promotion, positive reviews will increase sales.

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  • A large number of downloads in the initial stages can help you get your book into Amazon’s “ranking system”, and make it easier to find your book after the free book promotion period.